10 Easy Ways to "Go Green" & Still Be Profitable.

Running an eco-conscious business helps you reduce your impact on the environment and preserves natural resources. It's a great way to stand out from the competition, but is it practical for your business? You be the judge!


#1 Switch to post-consumer waste (PCW) packaging.

Only PCW paper is made entirely from the paper we place in our recycling bins each day. Manufacturing PCW recycled paper uses 45% less energy and creates half the waste of the traditional process.

How to do it: Purchasing products labeled as 100% PCW ensures you are using papers with the least impact. If 100% is not available, look for options with as much PCW content as possible, and don’t forget to recycle all your paper scraps instead of sending them to the landfill. Mansfield Paper Company supplies a variety of PCW products that are affordable for any business. >>Buy PCW Cups Sleeves Now!<<

#2 Use environmentally friendly cleaners.

Using natural, biodegradable cleaning products reduces your exposure to harsh toxins and other chemicals, and reduces the introduction of these substances into the environment.

How to do it: The next time you run out of your cleaner why not swap in a greener option. Mansfield Paper has Eco Friendly Cleaners available online. From All Purpose Cleansers to Air Refreshers and Stainless Steel Polish, get the perfect combination of cleaners that are kind to the environment AND to your wallet. (If hiring an outside cleaning company is more your style, opt for one that specializes in natural cleaners. It's real cleaning that you can feel good about.)

#4 Here's a bright idea! Switch over to compact-fluorescent (CFL) or LED lights.

Though these lights tend to be a bit more expensive up front, in the long run they last significantly longer and use much less energy. Imagine saving up to $200 per bulb?

How to do it: Start by calling your local utility company and see if you qualify for a free energy audit. Many times they will automatically replace your old light bulbs with energy efficient CFL's or LED's for free that same day. You will be amazed how quickly simply changing out your bulbs can add up!

#5 Replace outdated appliances with their greener counterparts.

Even if you just supply a refrigerator and a microwave for the office you can still save money over time by purchasing Energy Star appliances.

How to do it: The labels on Energy Star appliances help you asses their energy (and cash) requirements over time. Look for the yellow tags when you buy your next appliance, and splurge up front for the long term economic and environmental savings.

#6 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

So, do you do it? If you don't, well... awkward! It's important! Why? Basically, in addition to saving you money... recycling uses less energy, reduces pollution and the amount of waste put into landfills. Every business (yes, even yours) is capable of taking practical steps to not only to reduce waste but to recycle as much waste as possible. You can do it!

How to do it: If you're a business that has a grab & go food section or packages up food to go, you could be buying products that are recycled or recyclable like our BottleBox® Containers. What a genius concept -- these containers are made from recycled water bottles and are 100% recyclable. They come in all sorts of colors and sizes, and can potentially increase your takeout sales by 20%.

Additionally, why not reduce the amount of paper your company uses each month? Try implementing these few simple changes to how you and your staff deal with paper:

  • Provide recycle bins throughout your facility to encourage recycling.
  • Encourage double-sided printing of your documents to save paper.
  • Change the margins of your documents to 0.75" and save literally TONS of paper.

#7 Power your office with alternative energy.

In many areas of the country you can sign up to purchase “green power” from your current utility provider. Green power is generated from renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, geothermal, hydropower and plant matter. Purchasing green power increases your electric bill by a small percentage, which is used to purchase clean energy that is fed into the electrical grid.

How to do it: Visit epa.gov to find out how to purchase green power for your business.

#8 Think outside the "bin" (recycle bin, that is).

In addition to recycling everything that can be recycled and purchasing earth friendly products, think "green" when buying or replacing items. Consider purchasing used or vintage office furniture instead of brand new pieces.

How to do it: You can find great deals on barely used office furniture on eBay, Craigslist, OfferUp, etc. Next time you need to replace your office furniture, why not try one of these places first?

#9 Utilize green web hosting.

What is that? Green web hosts or 'eco-friendly' web hosts are those web hosting providers that have a plan to save energy as much as possible and even to generate energy from renewable sources. The huge amount of energy used by data centers to keep your website up is usually produced from carbon emitting generators.

How to do it: First things first, do your research and read reviews. Green hosting shouldn’t cost you anything more than non-green hosting. (Actually, they might even cut some cost by going green, so you DO NOT need to pay more.) Most importantly, be sure the green web host you are planning to go with is reliable. You want your website to be up all the time, right? There are many companies to choose from so if the green host you choose is not reliable, there is no point in going with it... so choose wisely.

#10 Purchase earth friendly promotional products.

Every business needs to promote themselves. Whether you choose traditional give-a-ways like t-shirts and pens or more unique items like usb sticks and stylus pens, choosing eco-friendly items will improve the environment and your brand at the same time.

How to do it: Contact Mansfield Paper for ideas! We have thousands of earth friendly promotional products available. Check out our website or fill out our contact form. Below are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Eco-friendly Passport Holder
  • Organic Lip Balm
  • Bamboo Desktop Cell Phone Holder
  • Recycled Sports Bottle
  • Reusable Tote Bags

Trim thousands of dollars off your bills and attract more eco-conscious consumers. No matter which of these steps you take or have already taken, make sure that you brag about it, a little.

Create awareness through your social media platforms and your website by creating an environmental mission statement or setting up a section of your website that is dedicated to telling your customers about what you're doing to help the environment. Be sure to include any badges or certificates that you have earned as well.

See, not so hard, right? You can do it and we can help! Contact us today to speak to a dedicated sales representative.


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